Sciatica is a form of pain that runs along the sciatic nerve radiating downwards to either one or both legs from the lower back. Usually, sciatica affects only one side of the body. Researchers estimate that about 40% of people will experience sciatic nerve pain at least once during their lifetime. Your sciatica can become aggravated if you sit or stand for extended periods or when you twist your upper body.


Sciatica is not a natural condition but an indication of another problem involving the sciatic nerve. The most common culprit of sciatic nerve pain is a ruptured disc or slipped disc that creates pressure on the nerve root. If you live in or around Robbinsdale and suffer from sciatica, contact Dr. Matt at Robin Wellness Center to schedule a consultation.

Causes of Sciatica

The common causes of sciatica include:

Spinal stenosis: It is an abnormal narrowing of the spinal canal. This narrowing reduces the available space for the spinal cord and nerves.

Herniated discs: It is estimated that about 1-5 % of all people in the United States will suffer from a herniated disc at one point in their lifetime. A ruptured or a slipped disc creates pressure on a root nerve, triggering sciatic nerve pain.

Lumbar spinal stenosis: This tightening of the spinal cord in the lower back can result in sciatica.

Spondylolisthesis: It is a condition where the predominant disc slides onward over the vertebra underneath, triggering your sciatica.

Tumors in the spine: This disorder can compress the root of the sciatic nerve.

Chiropractic Care for Sciatica

Spinal Adjustments: Our chiropractor at Robin Wellness Center may find a misalignment in your lower lumbar vertebra that is causing your sciatica. We alleviate these misalignments by using manual chiropractic adjustments. Proper alignment will reduce inflammation in the area and help with the healing process.

Spinal Decompression Therapy: The form of traction is performed on a traction table connected to a computer. The table moves slightly while you are attached which gentle stretches key areas of your body to assist in the healing process.

Exercises: Our chiropractor will likely combine some core exercises to assist in strengthening your abdominal and lower back muscles.

Contact Our Chiropractor in Robbinsdale, MN

Every person suffering from sciatica experiences their pain differently. Dr. Matt will create a customized treatment plan designed to provide pain relief for your sciatica and support the healing process. Best of all, chiropractic care does not rely on pain medication or invasive procedures like surgery to produce results. Call our team today at (763) 746-1244 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.


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